Cole Porter TLS, 1950

Cole Porter letter to Dear Harvey, 1950, regarding a meeting with his Western Agent, Tom Stark. With several carbon copies re the correspondence.
Price: $400.00

Duke Ellington AQS "Mood Indigo"

Duke Ellington. AQS in pencil on an album page "Mood Indigo"
Price: $200.00

Giacomo Puccini - magnificent large signed cabinet photo, 1899

Giacomo Puccini - magnificent signed 7x9 cabinet photo c.1899

Irving Berlin rare letter to composer Harry Ruby

Irving Berlin. Delightful 1p letter, signed "Irving" to Harry Ruby the great songwriter, reminiscing about an old dinner together at Keen's Chop House by the United Songwriters of America.
Price: $350.00

Jack Norworth AQS, 1908

Jack Norworth. Rare AQS written on an album page, 1908. He writes about "The College Boy" one of his sketches for Ziegfeld. Norworth is remembered mainly as the lyricist of "Take Me Out To The Ball Game" and "Shine On Harvest Moon"
Price: $200.00

Stephen Sondheim signed Hirschfeld print

Stephen Sondheim - 8 1/2 x 11 print by Hirschfeld hand signed by Stephen Sondheim.
Price: $250.00

Bartók, Béla

# 16

Hungarian composer. (1881-1945) Autograph postcard (unsigned) in Hungarian addressed to Adila Arányi with a short Christmas greeting "Boldog karácsonyt" inscribed on the picture of a snow-covered barn, December 24, 1902.

Price: $1350.00

Gluck - MOLINE, Pierre-Louis important letter about Orphee, 1809

# 16
20. [GLUCK] MOLINE, Pierre Louis. Important 4pp letter about his libretto for Gluck’s Orphée et Eurydice signed “P.L. Moline auteur d’Orphée”, October 15, 1809. In this long letter Moline complains that the ending of the opera was changed with the “L’Amour triomphe” chorus removed and replaced. “One is astonished that you removed a dance tune which finished the scene of the Furies in the 2nd Act”. He asks the director ”to give your order to repair the gaps in this invaluable work.” At the end, Moline quotes his entire “L’Amour triomphe” chorus. Minor seal fold tear, otherwise this historic letter is superb
Price: $8500.00

Gorney, Jay

# 16

Jay Gorney: When I Am Housekeeping For You. 5pp. Small folio. 1929. Hand signed by Jay Gorney on the cover. A rare autograph of the composer of "Brother Can You Spare A Dime?"

Price: $100.00

Hamlisch, Marvin. Signed photo

# 16
Marvin Hamlisch signed 8x10 photograph
Price: $75.00

Herbert, Victor. signed musical quotation

# 16
HERBERT, Victor. AMusQS, “‘Love Scene’ from Suite for String Orchestra,” signed both fully and with initials, and dated 1896, on a 7x8 album page. Rare this early!
Price: $1850.00

Lindpaintner. Rare letter about the Wagner swindle, 1853

# 16
Lindpaintner, Peter Josef von. Excellent long 1p ALS in German, July, 1853 discussing "The Wagner Swindle" and writing that "Liszt's opera omnia (collected works) does not weigh heavily" and ridiculing him as "the old student" Extremely rare. At the time of this letter, Lindpaintner was regarded as the top conductor in Germany as well as a highly respected composer.
Price: $3400.00

Olivier Messiaen rare letter re his Chronochromie for large orchestra

# 16
MESSIAEN, Oliver. Important 1p TLS in French, mentioning his largest work, the opera Saint François d’Assise, and an extract based on bird song from his Chronochromie for large orchestra. He regrets that he does not have 72-stave paper at hand to copy the “Prêche aux oiseaux” from his opera which he says represents the work of 500 pages, and will instead send his bird song “Alouettes des champs” for xylophone from his Chronochromie for orchestra. A superb letter!.
Price: $2400.00

Pizzetti, Ildebrando

# 16

Trio in La per Violoncello e Pianoforte. Ricordi, New York, 1925. Folio score, in original binding. Inscribed and signed "Ildebrando." Cover a little spotted, but otherwise fine. Very rare.

Price: $2000.00

Rodgers, Richard. Signed program "Rodgers and Hart"

# 16
Richard Rodgers signed program "Rodgers and Hart"
Price: $250.00

Smith: My Country Tis Of Thee, autograph quote, 1832

# 16
S. F. Smith: Autograph Quotation, signed. "My Country Tis of Thee, Sweet Land of Liberty, Of Thee I Sing, Written in 1832. S. F. Smith" neatly penned on a small card, accompanied by an 1894 printing of the full lyrics.
Price: $2500.00

Sondheim. Letter re Sunday in the Park With George & Bounce

# 16
Sondheim. Fine 1p typed letter, signed, with envelope, re Bounce and the English transfer of Sunday In The Park With George.
Price: $800.00

Stravinsky. Fine signed photograph

# 16
Igor Stravinsky: Fine signed 4x6 photograph.
Price: $2500.00

Willson, Meredith

# 16

American composer, playwright [1902-1984]. A charming typescript verse on Meredith Willson's engraved stationery, dated June 20, 1973, signed Rosemary and "Meredith". A funny, congratulatory poem for friends, by the writer and composer of "The Music Man", "The Unsinkable Molly Brown" and other beloved standards of the American Musical.

Price: $685.00

Woody Guthrie signed record brochure containing lyrics

# 16
Woody Guthrie. Rare signed program, 8pp, containing important writing and rare lyrics.
Price: $7500.00