New Acquisitions


Arlen: I Love A Parade. First Edition, 1931

Harold Arlen: I Love A Parade. First Edition, 1931. Superb 7pp
Price: $85.00

Beethoven: L. Van: Sonate (G dur) pour le Pianoforte avec Violon oblige. Oeuvre 96. Andre, 1842

Beethoven: L. Von. Sonate (A dur) pour le piano forte avec Violon oblige. Oeuvre 96. Offenbach, J. Andre (PN 6456) 1842. 43pp. Gorgeous copy, reinforced on spine.
Price: $350.00

Glory, Hallelujah, 1861 First Edition

Glory, Hallelujah As Sung by the Federal Volunteers Throughout the Union. 1861. First Edition of the "Battle Cry of Freedom". Oliver Ditson, Boston 7pp. Disbound. Fine condition.
Price: $350.00

Irving Berlin rare letter to composer Harry Ruby

Irving Berlin. Delightful 1p letter, signed "Irving" to Harry Ruby the great songwriter, reminiscing about an old dinner together at Keen's Chop House by the United Songwriters of America.
Price: $350.00

Kern, Jerome. You're Here and I'm Here. First Edition, 1914

Kern: You're Here and I'm Here. First Edition, 1914. Great cover with Irene and Vernon Castle.
Price: $75.00

Lamb: Champagne Rag. First Edition, 1910

Joseph F. Lamb. Champagne Rag. First Edition, 1910. Pages lose, some chipping but mostly fine. Rare
Price: $150.00

Margaret Gorman - rare original swimsuit pinup photo of the first Miss America, 1921

Margaret Gorman - vintage sexy 8x10 pinup photo of the first Miss America, 1921. A rare original Central Studios of Atlantic City photo.
Price: $250.00

Mary Hopkin - sexy vintage sexy 1968 pinup photo

Mary Hopkin - sexy vintage 6 x 8 1/2 pinup photo of the beautiful vocalist forever remembered for her definitive singing of "Those Were The Days"
Price: $50.00

Nan Grey vintage sexy leggy 30s Halloween cheesecake pinup photo

Nan Grey. Desirable 8x10 vintage cheesecake Halloween pinup photo, 1930s
Price: $150.00

Peggy Shannon gorgeous vintage 1929 Otto Dyer glamour cheesecake photo

Peggy Shannon Magnificent 8x10 photo by Otto Dyer, 1929
Price: $100.00

Ruth Malcomson vintage 1924 cheesecake swimsuit pinup photo

Ruth Malcomson vintage sexy 8x10 pinup photo, 1924
Price: $250.00

Scott: Grace & Beauty. First Edition, 1909

James Scott: Grace & Beauty A Class Rag. 1909. First Edition 5pp. A gorgeous copy
Price: $200.00

Stephen Sondheim signed Hirschfeld print

Stephen Sondheim - 8 1/2 x 11 print by Hirschfeld hand signed by Stephen Sondheim.
Price: $250.00

Strauss: Eisenbahn-Lust-Walzer. First edition, 1864

Johann Strauss II: Eisenbahn-Lust-Walzer fur das Piano-forte, 89to Werk, 1864. Oblong folio, engraved. 14pp. Superb copy with an illustration of the new Austrian Southern Railway (the Sudbahn) which carried the Viennese to the countryside. Tape on spine, a little dust stained, mostly very fine.
Price: $350.00

[Stanwyck] Rodgers & Hart: Ten Cents A Dance. Rare 1931 pre-code film sheet music

Rodgers and Hart: Ten Cents A Dance. Movie edition, 1931 with Barbara Stanwyck pictured on the cover of this issue for the pre-code risque drama. Horizontal crease otherwise fine. Also included is a fine an copy of the first edition of the song.
Price: $150.00

[Star Spangled Banner] Smith: The Anacreontic Song, 1771. First Edition

Smith: The Anacreontic Song as Sung at the Crown & Anchor Tavern in the Strand the Words by Ralph Tomlinson Esqr, late President of the Society, London, Longman and Broderip, 26 Cheapside [1771] Full leather presentation binding in red blue and gold flag motif. The extremely rare first printing of the tune known as the Star Spangled Banner. The tune started out in life as the constitutional hymn of the Anacreontic Society, a group of wealthy amateur musicians who from 1776, met in the Crown and Anchor Tavern to sing catches and Glees. John Stafford Smith had a considerable reputation as a composer of them and this song became immensely popular especially in the United States with over 80 known variations to different words before 1820. In 1814 Francis Scott Key used the tune and wrote the words iwth which it is now associated. BUC page 1011, RISM S 3705, Fuld page 529
Price: $15000.00