Dizzy Gillespie signed photo of the Jazz legend

Dizzy Gillespie 8x10 signed photo
Price: $250.00

Duke Ellington AQS "Mood Indigo"

Duke Ellington. AQS in pencil on an album page "Mood Indigo"
Price: $200.00

Ethel Merman youthful signed photo c.1930

Ethel Merman youthful signed 8x10 photo
Price: $50.00

Gaby Delys vintage sexy signed real photo postcard, 1900s

Gaby Delys sexy signed 1900s risque postcard photo
Price: $50.00

Ginger Rogers signed Lady in the Dark photo

Ginger Rogers signed 8x10 photo in Lady in the Dark
Price: $150.00

Helen Morgan signed photo

Helen Morgan 8x10 signed photo, 1920s
Price: $250.00

Hollywood chorus beauty TOBY WING signed pinup photo

Toby Wing signed 8x10 photo. Inscribed to Paula Klaw, the sister of the famous erotic photographer Irving Klaw.
Price: $85.00

Jennifer Lawrence "in person" signed "American Hustle" photo

Jennifer Lawrence signed 8x10 American Hustle photo
Price: $250.00

Joan Crawford signed 1920s glamour portrait photo

Joan Crawford vintage youthful signed 5x7 photo, 1920s
Price: $250.00

Laraine Day sexy signed 1930s cheesecake pinup photo

Laraine Day sexy x810 signed 1930s cheesecake pinup photo
Price: $40.00

Marelene Dietrich gorgeous signed 1930s photo

Marlene Dietrich. Superb signed 8x10 photo. Signed modern print in silver ink in later years.
Price: $250.00

Sue Lyon rare sexy signed photo as Lolita

Sue Lyon - sexy signed 8x10 photo as Lolita
Price: $65.00

Powell, Eleanor

# 16

POWELL, Eleanor. Signed Cole Porter sheet music: Born to Dance: Swingin' The Jinx Away. Fabulous art deco cover! 7pp, small folio, 1936. First edition!

Price: $150.00